Get the results of liposuction without the surgery, pain, side effects or recovery time! This revolutionary technology contours, reshapes and firms your body treating "problem areas" where diet and exercise alone may not be able to achieve the results you are looking for.


SONIC Laser Lipo helps with

  • Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring/Fat Reduction
  • Lose inches first session
  • Hard to shift tummy fat
  • Wave goodbye to bingo wings
  • Lose love handles
  • Saggy inner thighs & baggy knees gone
  • Cellulite a thing of the past

Laser lipo has the ability to break down the fat cell membrane, thereby releasing its fat content. The procedure gives a healthy and safe inch loss with skin tightening. It does not harm the body in any way and fat cells are left intact.



One session (2 areas)+10 minute power plate


Eight Sessions


Twelve Sessions

One session = 2 body areas @ 20 minutes per area + 10 minutes power plate session. To achieve the best result it is recommended that you have 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks

* A Power Plate™ session MUST be taken after every ultra sound treatment & is included in the price.